Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need professional help to combat pests, can’t you handle it yourself?
Experience shows that lack of knowledge of biology and specific treatments against the pest, people approach them incorrectly. If treated with the wrong drug or a small amount, the pest builds itself a pest resistance. Therefore we advise you – do not try to fix this problem by yourself! Our specialists will consult you about different techniques of processing, chemicals and dosing.

In what time can I be visited by a disinfector?
Within 24 hours following a signal from you, every working day of the week.

Is it dangerous for the health of my family or pets?
The market has a wide range of products to combat harmful insects and rodents, some of them are in the form of a gel, no smell, no traces remain, and are completely safe for human health and the health of your pets.

Is it expensive?
The price of the product determines its quality. The price varies according to the number of treatments, the areas, product type and numbers of pests.

How much time does it take for one treatment to be carried away and how effective is it?
One treatment takes about half an hour for about 100 square meters Effect is determined by the hygiene in the home and the type of preparation used. There are treatments for which we give one year warranty.

Is one treatment enough?
If the apartment is treated by surface spray with aerosol, treatment must be repeated. In this case, contact acting preparation, pest should crawl across the threatened surface to die. Preparation is active until washing it. After 20 days, when the eggs hatch and the preparation is washed, there is a need for reprocessing. In gels / Paste-like products / one treatment is sufficient. This is the best solution in the fight against cockroaches. These preparations have a long residual effect, not messy, dosed accurately, suitable for people with allergies and are sufficient for a 100 percent result.

Do you guarantee the quality of a treatment?
When working with pastes against insects, we give a 3 to 6 months warranty, depending on the house hygiene.

Do I need to do maintenance?
The best prevention to combating pests is good sanitation.

What is required before this treatment?
If spraying is necessary, to release the cabinets, to protect food and domestic utensils, pets must be removed and you are ready to leave contaminated areas. If the treatment is used insecticide paste there is no need for any preparation. No need to take out your pet or leave your home.