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Pharaoh Ants Control in London

Pharaoh ants are notorious indoor pests, often unnoticed due to their small size and colour. Workers are only 2 millimetres long. Though they are a tropical species, pharaoh ants are quite comfortable inside temperature controlled buildings in the UK.

Ant infestations pose a significant health risk to humans and pets. Pharaoh ants are particularly invasive and resilient against conventional bait and control treatments. As soon as you discover these ants at your home or business, contact us to diagnose the extent of the infestation and to assess the appropriate response.

Signs of infestation

While detecting a pharaoh ant infestation is often easy, locating the nest may prove difficult, as the pest tends to colonize in inconspicuous areas of the house. Pharaoh ants like to colonize warm, humid areas indoors such as near drains, pipes, or wiring and are often seen in heated buildings during colder months in Canada. Common nesting sites include between wall voids, books, and sheets of paper, behind baseboards and refrigerators, in clothing, and even inside electrical switch boxes. Pharaoh ants may forage as far as 115 feet away from the nest, which can make it difficult to locate the root of the problem. Pharaoh ants forage by making trails for other workers to follow. Spotting one or more walking in a line may indicate a foraging escapade or the moving of a nest. Sighting one or several pharaoh ants indoors is an indication of an infestation which necessitates action, as they may already have several smaller nests nearby or are scouting for potential nesting sites.