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Fleas Control in London

Fleas are wingless blood-sucking ectoparasites infecting warm-blooded organisms. They are distributed around the globe and there are about 1500 species. In Bulgaria the most common are cat, dog and human flea. The increased number of this type of pest in recent years has been driven by the dramatic increase of homeless dogs and cats, and the failure of some sanitary – technical and hygienic measures. Fleas have a great epidemiological significance – they are carriers of many serious diseases such as plague, tularemia, pseudo-tuberculosis, typhus, etc., Cat and dog flea can carry eggs and some tapeworms. Their bites can cause allergic dermatitis and even, in rare cases of blood loss anemia. Adults are living in close proximity to the host; the eggs can be deposited on the fur of the host and in the soil. For hatching important factors are humidity and temperature / optimum is 18 degrees / and the whole cycle of development lasts 3-5 weeks.

For implementing an effective fight against fleas, it is necessary above all to eliminate the conditions that favor their reproduction and distribution – to maintain high hygiene – regularly disposed waste, to fill all the holes through which homeless animals can enter.The safest method of controlling fleas is done with insecticides with residual detergent action. After treatment it is important to monitor the effectiveness of the preparation on the population as fleas quickly develop resistance to the drug. Not earlier than 2 hours after spraying, the room can be ventilated and cleaned. In bedrooms and offices where using insecticides is not possible, the use aerosol products prepared according to the requirements of the manufacturer is recommended.