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Flies Control in London

The most prolific pest among humans, at one point or another in your life, you will encounter a fly in your home, at work, or at school. However, did you know that nearly 90% of all flies encountered belong to the species musca domestica (a.k.a. a “housefly”)?

Flies are second in importance after epidemiological mosquitoes. Seen all around the world, they are quickly adaptable. Often their food and breeding space are decaying organic matter from plant and animal origin. In Bulgaria there are around 100 species – some of whom live in close proximity to people and others – with domestic animals or nature, have no direct connection with people. The development of flies’ starts early in the spring to late autumn, with peak numbers in summer.

Flies usually have short life cycle – shortly after reaching sexual maturity females lay eggs, larvae develop in garbage, manure or other decaying organics. The optimum temperature for development is 18˚ C, very low and very high temperatures are detrimental to the flies in the early stages of their development, as well as over 80% humidity. Flies reproduce rapidly in creating favorable conditions – poor sanitary conditions and high temperatures.

Flies are carriers of many diseases / bacterial dysentery, salmonellosis, cholera, typhoid, intestinal worms and others.


First stage in the fight against flies is holding a set of sanitary measures – regular transportation, wavy patterns of windows, etc. Methods against flies include insecticide mount lights in the rooms, traps and fly strips, polyethylene adhesive. Treatments with hot and cold aerosols and varnishes, both indoors and outdoors can be applied.

These tips may help you get rid of house flies in your home:

  • Clean all drains and sink areas
  • Replace broken windows and screens
  • Reduce the presence of ripe fruits and vegetables; place them in a refrigerator or a paper bag
  • Create an air current to prevent them from landing in their favourite areas
  • Close the lids on all garbage and waste containers