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Moths Control in London

Nearly all the moths feed on natural fibers – wool, silk, eat certain types of flour, grain, very rarely – fabrics made of synthetic materials. Moths generally attack clothes stored for a longer time. Moths lay 60-200 eggs, larva constructs a cocoon of the fibers of the garment, and this makes it barely visible.

Moths are sensitive to changes in temperature – optimal temperature is 30 ˚ C. They are also influenced by the availability and quality of food. Life expectancy is about a month.

Fighting moths is extremely difficult. It includes a set of preventive measures aimed primarily against the larvae. Systematic cleaning of the house and airing cupboards, cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture, wet wiping are part of the preventive measures. Many substances like /repellents/ smelling – naphthalene, orange peel, camphor and others are used. It is also possible to spray aerosols and powdering with insecticide powder / left active for at least 24-48 hours/. Treatments must be repeated after about 1-3 months, depending on occupancy.